Parents as Partners

20 volunteer hours are required per year per family or an opt out fee of $200

Volunteer Opportunities

Circle Drive: Week Days 8:00 am – 8:35am
Greeting familes, opening car doors & helping students exit vehicles. Tuesday am is a definite need! 2 per morning

Parking Lot: Week days from 8:00 am – 8:35 & from 3:15 – 3:45
Directing cars, stopping traffic for pedestrian crossings and aiding cars as they park. 1 person in am, and 1 person in pm

Event Parking Lot Help: 1 hour shifts for various dates depending on events. 
Responsibilities would include directing cars, ensuring safety in the parking lot, and shuttling back and forth from the church for extra parking space.

Work Days: 9-1 a designated Saturday in August, February, and May.  
These days will include maintenance work and repairs, cleaning, playground repairs, landscaping needs, and various handy man/woman things that need done in and around our building.

Classroom Help: Various days depending on teacher need. 
Responsibilities could include listening to students read, listening to Bible verses, stuffing Friday Folders, working with the teacher to plan parties, practicing math facts with struggling students, making copies, etc…

Event set up and clean up: As needed
Volunteers would come early to help set up tables, chairs, help decorate, and aid in getting ready for the event. Volunteers would stay late to help clean up from an event. Examples include take out trash, take down tables and chairs, and clean up.

Box Tops: Any available time
Volunteers would cut and count labels that have been turned in by classrooms.

Science Lab Help: One Hour intervals
At various times during the week during elementary science lab times, Volunteers would assist in science lab classes by preparing materials, working with students on projects, and cleaning up.

Sporting Events Help: 1-1 1/2  hours per event.
Volunteers would help set up the gym or soccer field for games, collect admissions fees, sell concessions, keep score, and clean up after games.

Volunteers would work with the committee on planning the event, promoting the event, finding corporate donors, helping during the day by walking with students, running an activity, with the final ceremonies of the day, cleaning up following the event, and helping with the completion of rewards and incentive distributions.

Field Day:
Volunteers would work with the staff in charge of Field Day to run activities and games involved in field day. This would include setting up and cleaning up for the day’s events.

Lunch Room: Volunteers would be here from 10:45-1:15. 
They would help set up for lunch and help clean up after lunch. They would help students open containers, get drinks, and help with any student needs.

Library: Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Fridays.
Some tasks might include looking up and locating books for students, advising on proper library etiquette, making copies, filing or setting up tables.